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FRED LUI President
The Society of the
Golden Keys of
Hong Kong

Chief Concierge
The Royal Garden

President’s Message

As you know, the Society’s next President - that is to say the President for 2017 and 2018 will be elected during the Society’s Annual General Meeting on November 8, 2016.

At the Society’s May 10 general meeting, I informed the Society that I will not be standing as a candidate for the 2017 and 2018 Presidency.

As you appreciate, I have been the Society’s President for the past 12 years – since 2004 in fact. During this period the Society has matured and grown in size and scope and today its finances are extremely healthy.

Current membership is also very healthy: Hotel Membership stands at 109 members and Associate Membership at 58 - this partly explains why the Society’s finances are so healthy.

Another reason why the Society is strong today is of course the enthusiasm and commitment of its members and in particular its Executive Committee – and for this I am of course grateful.

I explained during the general meeting on May 10 that by making this announcement now I am giving the Society as much time as possible to consider the implications of my decision and to make the necessary preparations for the election of a new President.

The AGM is more than 5 months away - enough time for all of us to identify and consider carefully Society members who might be interested in being the next President. Take it from me – this is a challenging yet rewarding position!

During the months leading up to the AGM, I will finalize arrangements for the next phase of the Society map – in other words I will choose the company that will handle it for us. I will also ensure the Society’s banking affairs are brought up to date and are in a fit state - ready to be handed over to the new President.

Following the AGM in November and the election of a new President for 2017 and 2018, the Society’s present Executive Committee will be disbanded. The new President will form his or her own Executive Committee and details of this will be announced during the first general meeting in 2017.

I am confident there are many people within the Society who are more than qualified for being part of this new Executive Committee. I’m confident too, of course, that you will elect a first class new President - someone who can direct the Society and – along with his or her Executive Committee, steer and guide it into the future.

I would like to thank all Society members - especially my Executive Committee, for the help, guidance and assistance given to me during the past 12 years. Much of this was given unconditionally but all of it with enthusiasm and flair and for this as I have said I am grateful.

Fred Lui


The Society of the Golden Keys of Hong Kong

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